Hair transplant : 2 best options and cost

Hair Transplant

The hair transplant is a surgical treatment designed to solve problems such as alopecia , baldness and abnormal hair loss . A clinical operation that today is no longer a taboo, and which has achieved high reliability and a guarantee of success over the years.

Today you will discover how hair transplant works and how it happens – or rather, hair transplantation – and all you need to know about prices , techniques , methods and preparation for the intervention. Let’s try to clarify.

Hair transplant: what it is and why to do it

Hair Transplant why to do

Mistakenly considered a ” last resort “, hair transplantation is a surgeon-specialist remedy to combat hair loss , whether it is congenital or manifested during the course of life. In most cases it is strongly taken into consideration in androgenetic alopecia regimen .

A real autotransplant, since areas of skin and skin (including hair bulbs) already present in a thicker portion of the scalp are used . A ” move from one area to another “, from a hairy and healthy one to an area that, on the other hand, is deficient.

Obviously this is a simplification aimed only at making it clear, in broad terms, how treatment and operation work; the tried and tested and differently effective technique, however, is not just one. In any case, this way is proposed, analyzed and recommended by a specialist – after analysis, in-depth examinations and medical checks.

Clinical status and techniques

If you decide to proceed with the hair transplant, it is because the patient’s health conditions, the psycho-physical excursus and the medical-aesthetic situation allow it. And the current state of research in the field promises declared results in the face of a complex but not complex surgical operation .

As already mentioned, hair transplantation can be summarized with a basic surgical technique from which to start.

Fragments of the scalp (including follicles) are moved from a thicker area of ​​the head (usually behind the neck) to one with less hair.

But the procedures can differ for many factors: for example the patient’s health and the more or less advanced state of alopecia and baldness; or according to the chosen operation methods; or on the basis of the estimated recovery times and the objective pursued. Prices and costs obviously also differ.

However, it is very important to know that the procedural variation depends on the choice of the two surgical options to be undertaken.

  • FUT ( Follicular Unit Transplantation ) technique : involves the surgical removal of a scalp lozenge, to remove the follicles. Estimated healing times are approximately 1-2 months
  • FUE ( Follicular Unit Extraction / Excision ) technique : consists in the direct removal of single follicular units from multiple areas of the head (1-4 hairs). The follicles, cleaned of organic residues, are then grafted directly into the thinned area. This is the most commonly used technique and healing times are approximately 2 weeks.

How does hair transplant work? And when is it indicated?

Hair transplant is a full-fledged surgical operation performed by a specialized surgeon. It takes place under local anesthesia or sedation .

There is always a pre-treatment phase , in which the doctor defines, after a first preliminary visit, the technique to be used. All based also on the objectives established together with the patient. However, it is also necessary to perform a series of diagnostic tests before facing the operation. Among these, surely:

  • Complete blood count
  • Marker of hepatitis B, C and HIV.

The intervention , performed – as stated – in different ways according to the chosen technique (FUT or FUE), therefore provides for the removal of the follicles, the grafting of the same in the area with less hair and the dressing .

How long does the hair transplant last ? The duration depends on how large the area to be thickened is : from a single session, to several sessions repeated over time. Each clinical case requires a personalized analysis and intervention.

When to perform the hair transplant

Age is the first aspect to consider. In subjects under the age of 30 it is not recommended , as natural hair growth may not be homogeneous in the areas where the follicles are removed, creating patches.

It is also important to evaluate the “health” of the scalp and the general health of the subject by the doctor; in the presence of heart disease , for example, it is not possible to face the operation . With the drafting of the appropriate clinical picture, it will be possible to decide whether to proceed with the intervention and which technique to adopt.

Hair Transplant Procedure

Hair transplantation is generally indicated in a number of cases.

  • Androgenetic baldness (male or female).
  • Desire to increase hair density in an area affected by thinning.
  • Presence of scarred areas caused by trauma or disease.
  • Desire to thicken or restore hair in certain parts of the body such as eyebrows or eyelashes .

Hair transplant: prices and what to do after the operation

Being a specialized surgery operation and also very different depending on the subject, the costs can vary from treatment to treatment. Much depends on the number of follicles to be transplanted, the level of baldness and the goal you want to achieve.

On average, however, a hair transplant operation can cost between 3,000 and 6,000 euros . With the first datum as a low limit, when few sessions are needed and the clinical situation is fairly defined; and the second, instead, as a high limit, when hair loss is more critical and the treatment can even last months.


Immediately after the transplant it is necessary to follow a drug therapy prescribed by the doctor. Small swellings or clots of blood may occur in the graft areas , but this is completely normal. After about three weeks it is possible to notice the loss of the transplanted hair , but do not worry: this is also normal.

In the following weeks, in fact, new hair will start to appear and faster growth will be observed. Generally, the results can be seen after about a year .

Complications, on the other hand, are quite rare, but it should be remembered that hair transplantation is still a surgical operation and must be performed by specialized doctors.

Hair Transplant

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