How to lose weight on legs fast 5 effective exercises

how to lose weight on legs

We all ask ourselves how to lose weight on legs one of the most critical points for a woman, especially in summer. .If you can’t lose weight on legs it’s simply because you don’t tone up: you run, you walk, but if you only do aerobic work and you don’t tone up it will be very difficult for you to achieve results. Furthermore, a fitness expert explains, it is true that “ big legs are the result of our constitution and genetics that radically affect who we are, but the volume of the legs also depends on the amount of fat that tends to accumulate in that specific part of the body “.

How to lose weight on legs: diet, sport and lifestyle

So what do you need to do?

To lose weight on your legs, you must obviously follow a low-calorie diet and play sports , as well as take care of your legs every day with some treatments, such as a nice massage.

Diet to lose weight on legs

If you are sedentary, you should know that the increase in the circumference of the thighs is mainly due to a stagnation of fat in this part of the body. To be able to lose 2-3 cm on your thighs, you must first have a healthy and balanced diet. Here are some nutritional tips to slim your legs.

Drink a lot of water , at least 1 and a half liters a day, and limit the use of salt because the thighs are the part of the body that is most affected by water retention , so you must constantly drain them with the right nutrition and proper hydration.

Eat 5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day: they are rich in potassium and help restore the water and salt balance. Potatoes, spinach, lentils but also fish are all potassium-rich foods that can help deflate your legs.

Use of green tea has a draining effect on the legs.

How to lose weight on legs with sport

Give preference to sports that lengthen your silhouette. It is important to combine a cardio activity with specific exercises to tone the muscles and ALWAYS finish your sequence with stretching exercises to oxygenate the muscle and stretch it .

If you have thick legs, forget about activities like running because it puts too much strain on your leg muscles . Better to choose activities such as yoga and pilates : they strengthen the muscle by stretching it.

How to lose weight on legs Beauty tips

To have toned thighs , you need to take care of them! In the morning, in the shower, especially in the summer when your legs feel heavy , pass the shower of cold water from the big toe to the inside of the knee insisting on the back of the knee to stimulate this area full of lymphatic ganglia, then go back up in the groin area.

Repeat this on both legs for at least 10 minutes and you will already feel your thighs toned!

Then, run the massage anti-cellulite melarossa using a vegetable oil.

The beauty trend? The anti-cellulite cups ! Instructions for use: slide the suction cup on the leg, then push and finally detach it always from the bottom up and from the inside out to follow the circulatory path. By doing so, you will reproduce the effects of lymphatic drainage .

How to lose weight on legs:Exercises

Specific muscle training is ideal for those who want to lose weight because it increases muscle mass at the expense of fat, helping to maintain normal weight.

Every pound of muscle in the body involves energy expenditure, which is why muscles help keep your metabolism at high levels . The greater the amount of muscle compared to fat, the more your metabolism will increase, improving not only the physical appearance, but also the entire cardiovascular system.

Discover how to lose weight on legs with 6 effective exercises

To increase the difficulty of the exercises and strengthen the work, you can wear anklets.

1 – How to lose weight on legs with Jump squat

Jump squat

Starting standing, legs open to hip width.

Rotate your toes out slightly, your body weight perfectly centered. Bring your hands crossed behind your neck, being careful not to put pressure on the cervicals. Bend your knees as if you are going to sit in a chair by bringing your buttocks back. Always keep your torso straight. Contracting the core (the abdominal belt), take a leap.

Land gently while keeping your chest “open”

Reps: 3 sets of 15.

2 – Lunges with torsion of the torso

Lunges with torsion

Material: a rolling pin or a broom stick

Standing, legs spread hip-width apart, hold the rolling pin and bring your arms up while keeping your back straight and stomach in.

Inhaling, move your right foot back to lunge and exhale twist your torso to the right by “rowing” with the rolling pin outward.

Push on the left leg to return to the starting position. Do the same exercise on the other side. Throughout the exercise, keep your balance with your stomach in as your abs help stabilize the position.

Duration: 30 seconds.

Cooldown: 10 seconds.

3 – Curtsy and kick to lose weight on legs

Curtsy and kick

Starting standing, legs open to hip width.

Take a big step back by crossing the left leg behind the right bent to maintain balance, left arm along the body and right arm bent in front of the chest.

Inhale and, exhaling, push on the right leg and perform a side kick with the left leg, while throwing a forward punch with the left arm.

The kick needs to be controlled – be careful not to lift your leg past the hip opening. Repeat by bringing the right leg back.

Reps : 3 sets of 15.

4 – How to lose weight on legs:Step knee up

Step knee up

Start standing in front of a step or a step. Place your left foot on the step and push up as you step on the step with your left leg and bring the bent right leg up with the thigh parallel to the floor.

With your arms, do an alternating motion with your legs to help keep your balance. Get off the step placing first the tip of the foot and then the heel and repeat the sequence alternating the legs. Be careful to always keep your back straight, buttocks contracted, legs slightly bent so as not to strain your knees too much. Alternate left and right leg.

Reps: 3 sets of 15.

For all your training sessions, from the most intense to the lightest ones, Melarossa recommends you the Phoenix Fitness stepper board. Lightweight and compact, this stepper will help you burn fat and improve your muscle endurance!

5 – How to lose weight on legs:Scissor & squat

Scissor & squat

Starting standing, perform 3 small alternate leg scissors on the toes keeping the core contracted, the gaze straight and the stomach in. On the last scissor kick, push on the legs and last in the squat position bringing the arms folded in front of the body.

Repeat the sequence for 20 seconds at maximum intensity.

6 – How to lose weight on legs:Leg up

Leg up

Wear ankle braces if you want to make the muscular effort more intense. Lie on your side with both legs extended and your head resting on your elbow. The back must always be in line with the shoulders and hips. Never force the neck. Cross your left leg over your right at the knee, placing your foot on the ground.

With the hammer foot, lift your right leg off the ground and perform 20 small jumps.

Then perform 20 quick sprints. Repeat the sequence on the other side.

For your training sessions, Melarossa offers you the Ativafit mat. Manufactured with respect for the environment and taking into account the training lines of the body, this mat is also light and easy to carry, even over the shoulder.

How to lose weight on legs: video lesson

Don’t you love your thighs? Do you find them too big and not very toned? Do you dream of having toned thighs? To help you overcome your complexes, one of ,the fitness coach offers you this 10-minute circuit to be done at home

Some advice before starting the circuit:

This circuit is for people in good health. If you are severely overweight or have cardiovascular problems, go to the sports doctor first to make sure this program is right for you.

Get comfortable! Wear light clothing that does not impede movement.

Remember to hydrate yourself during the circuit.

Set concrete goals to move your program forward. If you feel very tired, take a break between one exercise and another. The important thing is to finish the circuit.

If you can’t make it to 2 sets of 8, it’s great to do one too! coach explains that each exercise is equivalent to 30/40 seconds of effort but it is fine to start the first week with only 20 seconds. Set yourself concrete and rewarded challenges when you reach them: you will feel gratified and develop your self-esteem.

Warming up before any physical activity is essential, not only to avoid getting hurt but also to prepare the body and mind for the effort. It is a stage that cannot be skipped, neither in winter nor in summer, because it gives the body the possibility to adapt to the conditions imposed by the environment: temperature, humidity, altitude.

Then turn on the music and walk around the room or, why not, dance for 5 minutes.

At the end of the circuit, coach offers you a mini stretching sequence : don’t skip it! It is very important to stretch the muscles and promote relaxation

To get results, you need to be consistent and do the circuit at least 3 times a week.

Listen carefully how not to get hurt!

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