Sweet almond oil: properties, uses, benefits

Sweet almond oil is the result of squeezing the seeds of Prunus Dulcis , the almond tree. It is a product with strong nutritious qualities that is successfully used in cosmetics and nutrition. To keep its properties unaltered, a cold pressing is generally carried out. A mechanism that allows the extraction of the precious oil without compromising its numerous nutrients.

There is no aesthetic imperfection that sweet almond oil cannot fix. Moisturizing, with strong nourishing qualities, sweet almond oil, like other vegetable oils , is ideal especially for skin care.

In fact, the large amount of fatty acids and proteins makes it suitable for treating dry skin with a tendency to stretch, even in the case of sensitive or very reactive skin. It is also indicated to counteract skin aging.

Having a bottle of sweet almond oil at home will allow you to successfully manage many small beauty problems in a completely natural way.

Sweet almond oil: properties and what it is

Sweet almond oil is a compound rich in vitamins, in particular group B, proteins, mineral salts, fatty acids and phytosterols. Nutrients that make it ideal for combating skin aging and at the same time promoting cell renewal.

Precisely to keep its qualities intact, the oil is cold extracted from the oily seed contained in the fruit of the plant. Therefore neither chemical solvents nor high temperatures are used.

An important clarification : when we talk about plant we refer to the variety that gives rise to sweet almonds. Due to their toxicity, linked to the presence of hydrogen cyanide, bitter almonds are used in modest quantities as a flavoring for liqueurs and in pharmaceutical chemistry.

What is it for

It is elasticizing, emollient, moisturizing and nourishing . Due to its delicacy it can also be used on the skin of children and babies. It has a rather high deterioration rate, which is why it is often added to vitamin E which has a high preservation power.

The presence of this antioxidant vitamin increases the nourishing power of sweet almond oil. Almond oil contains:

  • oleic acid : it is part of the omega 9 fatty acid family, emollient for the skin
  • linoleic acid : progenitor of the fatty acids of the omega 6 series
  • phytosterols
  • triglycerides that protect the lipid film of the skin
  • triterpene alcohols with disinfectant power.

Sweet almond oil: uses and benefits

Due to the richness of its nutrients, sweet almond oil has a very wide range of action, mostly cosmetic. Skin and hair are the ones that enjoy the most regular application of sweet almond oil, which can also be used as a food supplement and condiment.

It is also recommended for a particular cleaning technique of the oral cavity. Let’s see in detail.

Sweet almond oil for hair
Sweet almond oil for hair

If you have very dry or frizzy hair, you can do some oil packs. Apply it to damp hair before shampooing. Leave it on for 30 minutes and then proceed with a gentle wash. If your skin is very oily, apply the oil only on the tips. Massaging the skin with sweet almond oil can counteract dandruff .

Gently warm the oil in your hands and then apply it with your fingertips on the scalp, making a very deep massage, almost to unstick the scalp. The blood circulation that is activated following the massage will also help in case of capillary fragility or fall. In this, you can add rosemary and fenugreek essential oil.

As a facial and anti-wrinkle treatment

This oil has a nourishing and smoothing action on the skin of the face, which is much thinner than that of the body. And for this it must be treated in a specific way. Regularly applying the oil to the face counteracts the arrival of wrinkles .

Be careful though. An oil is heavier than a serum and a cream , so it must be applied at the end of your routine, preferably in the evening. Otherwise it prevents the absorption of other substances.

The ideal, therefore, is to clean your face as your habit and apply a few drops of almond oil after the night cream to create a barrier that prevents moisture from dispersing.

For face cleansing

Sweet almond oil can also be used to cleanse the skin on the face . In double cleansing you can apply it before the foamy cleanser, perhaps mixing it with a few drops of rose hydrolat, to capture and remove make-up and dirt. After spreading it, remove it gently with a wet cloth and then proceed to the second wash.

For a treatment that combines cleansing and toning, we suggest you massage the skin of the face for a long time with sweet almond oil. This nourishes the tissues and thanks to the movement of the hands favors the elimination of blackheads and small accumulations of sebum .

Arm yourself with patience and spread the almond oil for at least twenty minutes with circular movements and from the inside out . Insist in the area of ​​the nose and jaw, making upward movements. After the time has elapsed, remove again with a warm cloth, without rubbing but gently. Then proceed with cleansing and applying the serum and cream.

For the private parts

Sweet almond oil has a toning and nourishing effect even on the intimate parts. In fact, it has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties as well as being calming and regenerating. In this case, sweet almond oil should be applied only once a day, in the evening, with a compress.

In addition, the oil has a targeted action against itching and dryness and the compresses are also effective against burning and pain.

sweet almond oil on the boday and strech marks
On the body and stretch marks

Sweet almond oil has an elasticizing effect on the tissues. For this reason it is recommended to use it in case of weight loss. The use of sweet almond oil, in fact, counteracts the arrival of stretch marks linked to the loss of body fat. To have appreciable results, the most affected areas must be massaged for a long time and consistently: stomach, hips and buttocks. The skin will be more compact, hydrated and smooth over time.

If your skin is particularly dehydrated, we recommend applying a generous amount of sweet almond oil before showering or bathing. Insist on your arms, legs and stomach and absolutely where you need it most. Do not use soap on the parts that you have treated with the oil, but gently massage under warm water with a small towel.

Dead cells will be eliminated by this light scrub and your skin will be very soft.


Sweet almond oil is one of the few products that an expectant mother can use safely during pregnancy . Applied gently on the stomach and hips, it helps to keep the skin elastic and to counteract the arrival of stretch marks, those small skin lesions that occur when the skin is subjected to severe stress.

The tearing of collagen fibers, which is the most important protein in our skin, is irreversible. This is why keeping the skin supple first is always the best solution.

On the hands

In these times when hand cleansing and hygiene are vital, we often end up with dry, cracked skin. Use sweet almond oil on your hands daily to nourish and protect them.

Insist on the cuticles to soften them and also on the nails to strengthen them in case they are brittle. For an even stronger effect, apply almond oil to your hands and then put on cotton gloves before bed.

sewwt almond oil food uses
Food uses

Sweet almond oil can also be used as a food supplement . In fact, it has an emollient and soothing action on the digestive system. According to the yogic tradition, anything that is oily helps us eliminate toxins. This is why taking two tablespoons a day of sweet almond oil helps us to expel the toxic substances produced by our metabolism.

It is no coincidence that sweet almond oil, together with coconut and sesame oil, is recommended for another well-known Ayurvedic technique: oil pulling . It is the daily cleaning of the oral cavity made through applications of oil as a mouthwash. In ancient Chinese Traditional Medicine, it is also used to protect the intestines and airways. It is delicious used raw also to dress salads and various dishes.

Sweet almond oil: prices and which one to choose

Sweet almond oil is one of the cheapest on the market. A liter costs on average about twelve euros , a figure that can be dealt with especially if we consider the large amount of uses that can be made of it.

Another undoubted quality of sweet almond oil is its ease of finding. It is really found in every large-scale supermarket as well as in organic shops, pharmacies and herbalists.

This, however, must push you to refine your searches. An oil does not need to be expensive to be effective . The important thing is that the raw materials come from organic crops and that it is cold pressed.

In order to leave its properties unaltered. Also pay attention to the packaging , preferring dark packaging. It is important, in fact, that the oil is always protected from light.

A 100% natural product, formulated specifically for pregnant women and for those who have recently given birth, to regain elasticity in the skin.

Organic massage oil has a large amount of sweet almond oil with the addition of sunflower, macadamia and safflower oil. 200 ml of product cost around 7 euros. A competitive cost when considering the quality of the ingredients used.

In detail:

100% vegetable formula
cold pressed oil mix
slowly releases the fatty acids of each individual oil onto the skin.

Sweet almond oil Balances, nourishing and elasticizing

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